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stealing from AJ

i've always wanted to do this... i've just been lazy. but i'm doing it now. :-P i'm just gonna say that these songs are the most recently downloaded & some aren't even on my iPod yet.

Open up your music, do shuffle, click next for each number.


1. Opening Credits:
Californication--Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. Waking Up:
Breathe--Michelle Branch

3. First Day At School:
Face Down--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (haha this is actually a little funny)

4. Falling in love:
Gravity--John Mayer

5. Fight Song:
Angels--Jessica Simpson (weird... ok, so that may seem a little weird, but after seeing mia's link to the 10 yr old who sang this song, i decided i liked it & downloaded it :-P)

6. Breaking Up:
How To Be Dead--Snow Patrol

7. First Kiss
Seventeen Ain't So Sweet--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

8. Life:
Think Of Me--Phantom of the Opera

9. Mental Breakdown:
All I Ask Of You--Phantom of the Opera

10. Driving Far Away:
Call Me When You're Sober--Evanescence

11. Flashback:
U & Ur Hand--Pink

12. Wedding:
Sillyworld--Stone Sour

13. Birth of Child:
Long Time Coming--Oliver James (omg! PERFECT! lol)

14. Final Battle:
Black Roses Red--Alana Grace

15. Death Scene:
Ride Of Your Life--Oliver James (1 more reason why i LOVE oliver james!! :-P)

16. Funeral Song:
The Grim Goodbye--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (hmmmm... this is starting to creep me out lol)

17. End Credit:
Into The Ocean--Blue October
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