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so i was just on checking lj & whatnot... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO IT?!? the set up is NOT what i have (or at least HAD) it set at. everything is scrunched & there's green all over?! is it b/c of st. patricks day?!? cuz that's kinda stupid to change ppl's layout just to put green up for st. patty's day. oh well, this is my post. isn't it great?! oh, i leave for Denver, CO tomorrow!! i'm so excited!! haha the last 2 weekends in a row, i went to Indianapolis, IN for the women's AND the men's Big Ten Tourney, & now (as of Tuesday at noon) i'm going to Denver for the Women's NCAA Tourney! i can't wait! ok, i have to go now! bye bye
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