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i can't even beGIN to describe this week!!

ok, first off, my academic advisor pretty much told me i'm stupid. not a fantastic way to start the week. my T.A. for soc is... OMG! he REALLY has pissed me off beYOND belief... for a teacher none the less!! i was trying to talk to him & tell him that i might not be at class next monday (due to the fact that i'm going to indianapolis for the women's big ten tourney) & as i was explaining it, HE STARTED WALKING AWAY!! what fucking teacher DOES that?!? & then when i asked him what i should do about my paper (given the fact that i may not be back monday when it's due) he responds "read the syllabus" so i do, & it says NOTHING on what i should do about the HOMEWORK... it says what to do if you miss an IN-CLASS assignment, but since there is NO in-class work, it's HOMEWORK... & it doesn't say what to do about that!! asshole! so i have NO idea what to do?! i don't think i'm gonna get it written by tom night. aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! but anywho... TODAY!! yes, today! going PRETTY shitty! oops... forgot to say, last night, i went out to Mardi Gras. I didn't get drunk, but my friend sure as hell was WASTED! it was fun tho! she got a SHIT ton of beads (yea, the way you're thinkin most girls do! ;-) ) i however, did NOT flash anyone & still got some pretty cool beads. so we get kicked outta the bars 1:30/2. all i wanna do is go home & go to bed, i was REAL tired. but no, her friends kinda left her a lil bit & (me being the good person that i am) didn't want to leave her alone w/all those CREPPY ASS guys around. so i went walking around w/her a lil bit for more beads & then food & then i walked her home & made sure she got in ok. so by the time i finally got home, it was 3 am (ish) & i had a 9:30 class today! so i "went to bed" at 3:30ish (after i checked my e~mail & talked to this girl a lil bit too lol) but then i couldn't fall asleep! so i ended up getting like 4ish hrs of sleep. i was actually kinda alright for the day. i didn't even have to take a nap after my classes! but it's starting to catch up to me lol. so about 4:30ish, emily & i went to the park to shoot some hoops... but some stupid guys were taking up the 1/2 court... so that made it difficult. so instead, we played on the playground a lil... & soon went home. ran in the shower really quickly & then went to UBand. got out of UBand a lil late, & then had to LITERALLY run to pep band (the game started at 7, but our director said we could go after UBand, seeing as we NEED the credit. he thought we'd make it for the 2nd half... boy was HE wrong!!) we made it for the last 10 mins of the game! emily called someone in her section who went & talked to the directory, & she said that in order for us to get credit for the game, we HAD to go down there! so we ran allllllllll the way around carver & down the 10,000,000,000,000 flights of stairs, got our instruments & then yea... 10 mins left in the game. pretty pointless we thought! but then! i suckered emily & kat into going to this 1 bar w/me for this date auction thingy. the benefits went to the Children's Miracle Network. well, 1 of my guy friends participated in it (may i mind you that i REALLY like him & he's really really really REALLY cute) so i went to bid on him a lil. yea, well, a lil turned into $50!! idk if i should be depressed that i had to fucking PAY for a date or really happy that i actually won!! haha so tomorrow, we're gonna go to HuHot for dinner! i'm so excited!! :-D i can't wait! *jumps up & down* oh, also, i was really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY nervous about it (my hands were TOTALLY shaking as i was writing out the check) i just NEEDED something to drink! so kat first bought me a beer when i got there... then brad bought me another one for buying him haha & then i had 2 more... so needless to say, lauren w/4 beers in her running on less than 4 hrs of sleep = lauren getting a liiiiiiiiil drunk hehe 0:-) ok so yea, that's my week so far! i have 2 classes tomorrow (which i'm PROLLY gonna sleep through... or just not go) & then i can take a nap & then get ready for my DATE! :-D & then go out to eat & then prolly to a bar (b/c he kinda wants to get drunk) & then friday, i'm leaving for indianapolis at 4:30 in the FUCKING MORNING!! so yea, i'm excited! & now, i must FINALLY go to bed (seeing as i've been home for 2+ hrs already & everyone else is in bed cept me! haha) so night all, hope you enjoyed this! i'll talk at ya'll later! :-* *MUAH*
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