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what a crappy ending to a decent day...

what happened?!? MY CAR DIED!! that's what happened!! i was less than a minute away from being home & almost off the busy road. but before i had a chance to turn, it frickin died. well, luckily i was right by the street that's in front of our house (not the one i wanted to turn on) so i BARELY got off the road. i couldn't really turn the wheel... i almost drove onto the sidewalk. but! i got it pulled over. then emily came w/her car we tried to jump it. but that didn't work b/c nothing's wrong w/the battery. so we pushed it off into an alley that's behind our house. we got it half way down the alley & stopped b/c there's this slight hill that we couldn't get the car over (not even w/emily in her car pushing mine). why didn't THAT work?! b/c, as luck... no, MY luck had it, it SNOWED today. so the ground was slick w/no traction. this one person even came over & looked at our car. he knows more about cars that we do lol. he took the spark plug out & tested that & said we still have sparks, so it's not the batter, or SOMEthing... idk?! but we tried to start it. & he said the car is doing everything it should (like w/the gas & starter & whatever else) & he couldn't smell any gasoline, so that meant it wasn't leaking. we couldn't figure out WHAT was wrong w/it?! so we just had it towed to a garage down the street. & that's the end of my crappy night!! ok, this is taking WAY too long to write! haha it is now 1:19 & i started this at 12:17... so i'm off to bed now!

ps: my whole me not being boy crazy lasted only like a week! :-P i can't help it! 0:-)
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