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apparently i have "Floor Mat" stamped on my forehead...

so i didn't really notice this until i went home. my mom was talking about how she doesn't like justin's ex-girlfriend b/c she broke up w/him... apparently she didn't treat him right (reguardless of the fact that they've gone out for almost a year & that she really did NOT treat him bad at ALL... but JUST b/c she broke up w/him.) & then she kept on saying how she doesn't like people who treat their kids bad. one example being my ex-best friend... we all know who that is *rolls eyes* and all of a sudden she became a "bad kid" just b/c she lied occasionally & was a little sneaky. no, she did NOT drink or do drugs. but anywho... she said that my ex-friend used to walk all over me... but i just didn't realize it. & then i started talking about some of the things that annoy me about some people... one being the fact that 1/2 the time when i try to talk or say something, i always get interrupted. some people are nice enough to be like "oh i'm sorry, please, continue" but others completely change the subject on me before i'm done talking & don't go back to what i was saying. it annoyed me before, but now i realize, that people ARE walking all over me. i was out with a friend over the weekend, & i tried to say something (a few times, actually), but that person just talked over me & didn't even ask what i was about to say or anything. and then when i came back here, i realized that it happens to me more than i thought. it's really starting to get me down b/c i know i'm a good person... yea, i can be bitchy sometimes, but all in all, i'll do almost ANYthing for my friends... but i just don't really see that in return. i'm not a very confrontational person (as most, if not all, know). so when someone asks me to do something, i will more than likely say yes. even if i don't really want to do it, i'm too scared to say no b/c i'm afraid that person will get really mad & then stop talking to me just b/c i didn't do that 1 thing. & i think, that deep down (whether they admit it or not) these people KNOW they will get away with pretty much anything w/me. & it's REALLY starting to hurt! justin even admitted to me that last year, he took advantage of me. i'm just real sick of it! & idk what to do?! if i don't change something, it's just gonna keep on happening. but i'm afraid that if i DO do something or say something, people will take it the wrong way... idk?! oh well, i'm out.

on a side note... worst fortune EVER!!!: "'matter' it is not what matters" someone PLEASE tell me what this means!!
2nd worst fortune EVER!!!: "This is really a lovely day. Congratulations!" HONESTLY!! WTF?!? hahaha
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