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What a FANTASTIC trip!

Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

so, went to tampa for the outback bowl. aside from the piece of shit game that the refs were being paid to screw us over... it was an AWESOME trip! thursday, we arrived in tampa around 8. went back to the hotel, got settled in... watched some tv, then went to sleep.
friday: woke up at 7ish, went to breakfast, went to rehearsal from bout 9:30-11:15. ran back to the hotel to change & then lunch on the beach followed by a beach bash (it was basically a pep rally. we were on the beach & we played our fight songs & our half time songs). then we had from about 2pm till midnight all to ourselves! it was so much fun! i ran up to my room, changed in to my bathing suit, & then me & a friend went walking down on the beach & on the pier. & then met up w/other people on the beach. then later that night we went to dinner & then did some shopping. went home & passed out at about 10:15 (even tho our curfew wasn't until 12... i was DEAD tired! goodness!)
Saturday: woke up at 7ish again. went to breakfast, then to rehearsal till bout 11:30. then lunch, & then after lunch (which was about 12:30) until about 4:30, we had free time. so what did i do you may ask? oh yea! i went PARASAILING!!! :-D oh that was FUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!! omg! i still had some free time after that, so i hung around the beach w/other people. ran & took a dip in the gulf of mexico :-P & then ran up to my room to change for a parade (oh did i mention that our hotel was on the beach as well?? yea, THAT was pretty frickin sweet! :-P) yes, we had a lil parade to march in. that was pretty cool. most of the people there (or at least it seemed) were hawk fans! :-D after that, took a shower, then went to our new years eve dinner, which was pretty fancy... & yummy! :-P hehe & then chilled out on the beach until 1 am! that was AWESOME! i wanna say about 1/2 of our band was out there partying saturday night. i had fun!
monday: woke up 7ish. ate breakfast, had rehearsal from 9:30 until about 10 & then we departed for busch gardens! ok, now it's not 6 flags, but it was still pretty good. first we another lil pep rally outside of busch gardens. then we changed & then went in. the roller coasters weren't nearly even HALF as awesome as at 6 flags, but they DID have 1 REALLY awesome roller coaster & 1 semi good roller coaster & 1 RIDICULOUSLY stupid coaster. that one... omg! we waited in line for like 15 mins just to go on... LITERALLY... a 30 second ride. it was S-T-U-P-I-D!! but the semi-decent coaster... dropped STRAIGHT down... a 90 degree angle... from about 200 feet up in the air... TWICE!! but that was about it. that was the most exciting part of that one. so we had 5 hours in busch gardens. it was pretty fun. we may not have gone on a lot of coasters, but i still had fun w/the people i was with. i got to know some people more (b/c i didn't really know them before if ya didn't get that! ;-) haha) it was good times. so... after busch gardens, we had yet aNOTHER pep rally. it's called "the hawkeye huddle" but it wasn't ANY different than the other pep rallys. we played the same songs & then left. pretty pointless if you ask me. & then went home, took a shower & then went to bed at 10:30/11ish.
tuesday: woke up at 5ish! yea, that was DEF no fun! checked out of the rooms by 6:30 & then on the bus & over to the stadium in which we had to wait like an hr & 1/2 before we started getting ready. then... the game... ok i'm most DEF not going into detail w/that! & then changed, turned in our uniforms & then drove over to the airport. got on & then came home! yaaaay *sense the SARCASM* so, all in all... it was a fanTASTIC first bowl trip! i just hope that we don't suck MORE next year & that we go somewhere warm again *crosses fingers & knocks on wood* ok, so this is long enough & i'm going. hope you all had a wonderful new years!!
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