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ok, not gonna lie... can't see straight right now! :-P hehe it's 3 somethin in the morning & i have to get up by no later than 8:30! holy shit am i screwed! i might skip my lecture class, but it's all good! i just have to make threw lit class (which is prolly harder than imaginable)... aaanywho... if y'all don't know... i've been talking to/day dreamin bout this guy... one of my friend's friend... he's SOOOOOOO cute & seems SOOOOOOOO perfect... i can't WAIT to meet him (yea,he goes to UNI, not univ of iowa) & that's bout all i'm gonna say bout him... if ya wanna know more, just IM me & may just tell you AAAAAAALLLLLLLL about him! i'm a weeeeeee bit toooooo drunk to say anything right now... yea, yea, yea... i know.. it's a monday night, but it's halloween night! truth be told, i really did NOT mean to get like this... my problem was i REALLY wanted to play beer pong... & when my turn came, i had already had enough to drink... & then we lost, so i had MORE to drink...... aaaaaanywho... yes... brother kaduce is crashed on our couch right now (i suggested he come home w/us b/c it's closer than burge... which is true... & he did... so now... he's passed out on our couch... which is TOTALLY cool b/c i love brother kaduce!! right now... he's my fav! ;) i love him so much for introducing me to robert latch! which all is going well... so far!! *knocks on wood* just have to meet him! & hopefully all will STILL go well from there! *knocks on wood again*) but yea, i think i will go b/c i don't think many ppl enjoy this... so yea... i've been meaning to update... just didn't think anyone cared bout what i had to say... & still don't. so yea! i'll see some of you later! until then... HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!!!!!!! :-D
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