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i spose it's time to update...

alrighty folks! now here's a chance to see something that hardly EVER happens!! lauren's FINALLY updating!!! w/a REAL post i might add!! hahaha i'm sorry... i'm in a weird mood. idk why, but i've been in a weird mood most of the night last night & now all of a sudden right now. & it's NOT b/c of our lil fiasco today (& by we, i mean me, justin, & emily driving home after band today... yeeeaaaaa... funNY times!! i tell ya) aaaaaanywho... yea, can't explain it, i just am...

so, as most know, my dad got in a motorcycle accident last week. last sunday after (actually, WHILE) i was coming home (i went home 2 weekends ago). so he was in the hospital for pretty much the whole week, & was released friday to go home. *just a side thought* sometimes i wonder what's harder... seeing your kid in a horrendous car accident, or your parent(s)?? but anywho... so justin & i thought it would be nice to drive home after our game sat & surprise our dad. so we did. we got in about 9:30 sat night. ran upstairs & surprised my dad. it was nice. i almost started crying 1) when i saw how banged up & immoble he was & 2) when he kept saying it was nice of you to come all the way here after your game... i'm really glad you guys came home & that kinda stuff, & 3) when i first saw him walk from the bed to the bathroom (which is like 5 feet... MAYbe) it was just so sad :'( BUT! at least he learned his lesson! never ride a motorcycle AGAIN!! haha but yea, he tore BOTH his ACL's (& all you KNOW how much it sux to tear one... but BOTH?!?) he tore a bunch of ligaments OFF his bones in his legs. tore his... achilles tendon (i believe) in BOTH his feet. so he has what is commonly called a drop foot where he can extend his foot (like push it down to the ground) but he can't raise it back up. so he has these 2 things for his feet that keep them at a 90 degree angle so he can 1) walk w/o stumbling everywhere & 2) the tendons can heal correct. so he's got that, 2 HUGE leg braces that go from his ankle to mid (maybe higher) thigh to help him walk (b/c of what he did to his legs). he also broke his shoulder blade & did something else in his shoulder. so he's also in an arm sling. also, did something to his neck where he has to have a neck brace for 3 weeks. & on top of that, he landed in a patch of poison ivy! poor poor thing! :( so he went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday (the same doc i went to for MY knee) & he found out that he has to have surgery on his legs w/in the next 2 weeks. & then sometime after that he has to have surgery on his shoulder. so let this be a lesson to all of you!! DON'T RIDE MOTORCYCLES..... EEEEVVVEEEEEERRRR!!! (i'd put that in bigger text, but i'm too lazy at this point)

as for me... idk about me anymore. one minute i'm happy, the next i'm annoyed & the next i'm depressed. there's just TOOOOOO much drama going on for college! i mean, it's ridiculous!! but at this point, i'm still kinda thinking about my dad & still sad about everything. & just get more sad when i think about how he probably wouldn't be alive if he hadn't worn his helmet! ok, i need to go to bed now before i get worse.

on a happy note: i went running & did some ab work & even some lunges today! even tho i'm probably not gonna be able to walk well tomorrow, it still felt nice! & i plan on working out like that a LOT more! i just need to motivate myself more! haha also, i'm learning how to play trombone... it's a little difficult because i don't KNOW bass clef, but just today, i learned how to play when the saints come marching in! haha ok, bye bye
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