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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
8:11 pm
stealing from AJ
i've always wanted to do this... i've just been lazy. but i'm doing it now. :-P i'm just gonna say that these songs are the most recently downloaded & some aren't even on my iPod yet.

Open up your music, do shuffle, click next for each number.


1. Opening Credits:
Californication--Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. Waking Up:
Breathe--Michelle Branch

3. First Day At School:
Face Down--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (haha this is actually a little funny)

4. Falling in love:
Gravity--John Mayer

5. Fight Song:
Angels--Jessica Simpson (weird... ok, so that may seem a little weird, but after seeing mia's link to the 10 yr old who sang this song, i decided i liked it & downloaded it :-P)

6. Breaking Up:
How To Be Dead--Snow Patrol

7. First Kiss
Seventeen Ain't So Sweet--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

8. Life:
Think Of Me--Phantom of the Opera

9. Mental Breakdown:
All I Ask Of You--Phantom of the Opera

10. Driving Far Away:
Call Me When You're Sober--Evanescence

11. Flashback:
U & Ur Hand--Pink

12. Wedding:
Sillyworld--Stone Sour

13. Birth of Child:
Long Time Coming--Oliver James (omg! PERFECT! lol)

14. Final Battle:
Black Roses Red--Alana Grace

15. Death Scene:
Ride Of Your Life--Oliver James (1 more reason why i LOVE oliver james!! :-P)

16. Funeral Song:
The Grim Goodbye--Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (hmmmm... this is starting to creep me out lol)

17. End Credit:
Into The Ocean--Blue October

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
12:46 pm
Ongoing debate...
which is more pink: magenta or fuchsia?

vote: http://www.livejournal.com/poll/?id=954543&mode=enter

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
11:05 pm
hehe lookie what i found!!!
a QUIZ!!

hehe if ANYone knows me... they know that i really, in fact, DON'T know ANYthing about guys... but this says otherwise?!?

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.

guess it pays a lil to be tomboy~ish *sigh* :-\ anywho... back to studying! *sticks tongue out* boooo!! bye bye! :-)

Current Mood: stressed
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
8:51 am
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg OMG!!! best... night... EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! ok, so i may not have gotten... oh lets face it... ANY sleep (TOTALLY not exagerating either) at ALL!! but holy SHIT!! i just COULDN'T sleep!! i couldn't believe what was happening!! holy crap!! ok, sry, no time to fill in the blanks, if ya REALLY care, i'll let ya know when i return! sorry! haha i just had to get that out before i jump up & down & go running around screaming my head off w/my arms flailing in the air. ok, i'm out! bye bye

Current Mood: surprised
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
9:01 pm
so i was just on checking lj & whatnot... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO IT?!? the set up is NOT what i have (or at least HAD) it set at. everything is scrunched & there's green all over?! is it b/c of st. patricks day?!? cuz that's kinda stupid to change ppl's layout just to put green up for st. patty's day. oh well, this is my post. isn't it great?! oh, i leave for Denver, CO tomorrow!! i'm so excited!! haha the last 2 weekends in a row, i went to Indianapolis, IN for the women's AND the men's Big Ten Tourney, & now (as of Tuesday at noon) i'm going to Denver for the Women's NCAA Tourney! i can't wait! ok, i have to go now! bye bye

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
4:45 pm
ok, so i'm bored, i wasn't actually gonna put this up, but i did... enjoy! :-P
1. Who was your first kiss? haha haven't had a REAL kiss soberly... *hangs head*

2. Who was your first prom date? :-( didn't have a date for prom...

3. Who was your first roommate? Abbie

4. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk the first time? Beer

6. What was your first job? babysitter twice, then helped w/summer soccer camps, but now, a REAL job: working at Cambus

7. When did you go to your first funeral? i think it was for one of my "friend's" dad. i don't quite remember?!?

9. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown? well, never REALLY moved outta my hometown, unless you wanna count college as moving out?! then i was 18

10. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Graham

11. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? prolly Disney World

12. Who was your first love? N/A

13. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? never snuck outta my house

14. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them? my first best friend was Mary, & no we are not friends anymore... i don't even know where she goes to school?!

15. Who was the first person to send you flowers? haha justin sent me a flower one time for v~day... it was sweet... other than that, my dad for v~day again... yea, that's just sad

16. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house? in a dorm

17. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? i don't really call anyone, i just come to my computer &/or turn on the tv... but i'll pretty much tell the first person i talk to.

18. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid/groomsman? neva been a bridesmaid... i don't even think i've ever been to a wedding?!

19. What's the first thing you do in the morning? pee haha :-P

Now lets do the LASTS...


LAST CAR RIDE: w/emily after going to the mall & buying a REALLY cute shirt, a pair of sunglasses, & an iowa t~shirt

LAST TIME YOU CRIED?: sat i think was the last time... but someone called me that night & made it AAALLLLLLL better!! *blushes* :-D

LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: i watched prolly bout 1/2 of christmas w/the kranks (emily started watching it & i came home & watched the last 1/2 of it)

LAST FOOD YOU ATE: shrimp scampi, shrimp pasta, & breaded shrimp... from red lobster from last night! :-D YUM!

LAST SHIRT WORN: my slinky shirt-- "Some people are like a Slinky. Not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs." :-P

LAST PHONE CALL: received: someone from my section asking for a ride to the concert last night made: i think it was to someone from my class to review for my midterm


LAST THING YOU TOUCHED: right before touching the keyboard to type?! haha the mouse to highlight the previous words & delete them.

LAST TIME AT THE MALL: about an hr ago! :-P

LAST TIME YOU WERE EXCITED FOR SOMETHING: ugh, every night when i go to bed b/c i'm so tired & sick, i just want to sleep... but the absolute last time, roughly 11:30 this morning, after my midterm. i was REALLY excited for spring break


LAST PERSON THAT BROKE YOUR HEART: HAHAHA... iii'm just not gonna answer this...

LAST TIME YOU WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY: Honestly happy?!? i have NOOOOOOO idea?!? well, i was pretty happy about a week ago, when i had a "date". but idk about HONESTLY happy?!

oi! the days of being sick! i hate them! well, i'm off to indianapolis... AGAIN tomorrow. but this time it's for the Men's Big Ten Tournament. so hopefully it'll a LOT better!! i'm excited! spring break has FINALLY arrived!! i could NOT be more excited right now! ok, i think i'm off to start packing! bye bye

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
11:52 pm
sometimes i just don't understand...
hokay! so today kinda sucked! i got like 6 hrs of sleep last night. then went to 2 lectures, fell asleep for ALL of the first one (it was 1 hr & 15 mins long) & then BAAAAAAAAARELY made it through the 2nd... that was the LOOOOOOOOONGEST 50 mins of my LIFE!!! good GOD! then emily, kat & i went to diamond dave's for lunch... never again! then we came home, i took roughly an hr nap... no, i take that back, i MEANT to sleep for an hr, but it ended up being like a 1/2 hr. then took a shower & got ready for my "date". see, i put that in quotes b/c it really WASN'T a date... that REALLY made me sad. see, dates don't last only an hr & 1/2. so we went to HuHot for dinner & then i got dropped back off at home. we both went to do our hw (i had an online quiz that closes sat & since i'm leavin tom morn, i thought i should do that really quickly). well, poor him, it took him 2+ hrs to do his hw. so needless to say, neither one of us went out to the bars like we planned. altho, he DID take a raincheck w/goin out to the bars. even tho i'm gonna be busy as HELL next week w/midterms & the such. so we're prolly not gonna go out next week. and i have NO idea what i'm doing for spring break (i HOPE i'm going to the men's NCAA 1st/2nd round tourney at the end of the week... but idk yet). mind you i really like him.. oh man! he's just SOOOOOOOOO cute & while we were trying to find a parking spot, these girls got out of their car & he was like "can i hit them?!?" lol oh man... that makes me smile THAT much more, ya know?! cuz that means that he doesn't like the typical slut like 1/2 the pervs on this campus. & so to bring me to my title... i just don't understand WHAT is so wrong w/me that i can't get ANYone... ok, no. i take that back. the ONLY kind of guys i can get are the REALLY geeky, nerdy, computer genius' (& sometimes all that & 26 yrs old). why can't i get anyone that I (emphasis on I) like?! well, lets name a few guys... brian (yea, i'm just gonna work up from h.s.), matt, chris, jon, john, robert (member him?! i barely do), & now brad (there may be a few guys in between those that i'm just not remembering... but w/e... they didn't happen either). i just canNOT fathom (ooo big words!) what is wrong w/me?! i don't understand what i'm doing wrong &/or what i need to change.. or ANYTHING!! it's REALLY starting to get me down! seeing all my friends gettin hit on & whatnot, but not me. i'm sick of it! i really can't take it anymore! ok, i'm done speaking... i can't think of anything & i need to go to bed so i can wake up in 3 hrs to leave for indianapolis. yea, i'm not really excited. anywho, nighters

Current Mood: depressed
1:55 am
i can't even beGIN to describe this week!!
ok, first off, my academic advisor pretty much told me i'm stupid. not a fantastic way to start the week. my T.A. for soc is... OMG! he REALLY has pissed me off beYOND belief... for a teacher none the less!! i was trying to talk to him & tell him that i might not be at class next monday (due to the fact that i'm going to indianapolis for the women's big ten tourney) & as i was explaining it, HE STARTED WALKING AWAY!! what fucking teacher DOES that?!? & then when i asked him what i should do about my paper (given the fact that i may not be back monday when it's due) he responds "read the syllabus" so i do, & it says NOTHING on what i should do about the HOMEWORK... it says what to do if you miss an IN-CLASS assignment, but since there is NO in-class work, it's HOMEWORK... & it doesn't say what to do about that!! asshole! so i have NO idea what to do?! i don't think i'm gonna get it written by tom night. aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! but anywho... TODAY!! yes, today! going PRETTY shitty! oops... forgot to say, last night, i went out to Mardi Gras. I didn't get drunk, but my friend sure as hell was WASTED! it was fun tho! she got a SHIT ton of beads (yea, the way you're thinkin most girls do! ;-) ) i however, did NOT flash anyone & still got some pretty cool beads. so we get kicked outta the bars 1:30/2. all i wanna do is go home & go to bed, i was REAL tired. but no, her friends kinda left her a lil bit & (me being the good person that i am) didn't want to leave her alone w/all those CREPPY ASS guys around. so i went walking around w/her a lil bit for more beads & then food & then i walked her home & made sure she got in ok. so by the time i finally got home, it was 3 am (ish) & i had a 9:30 class today! so i "went to bed" at 3:30ish (after i checked my e~mail & talked to this girl a lil bit too lol) but then i couldn't fall asleep! so i ended up getting like 4ish hrs of sleep. i was actually kinda alright for the day. i didn't even have to take a nap after my classes! but it's starting to catch up to me lol. so about 4:30ish, emily & i went to the park to shoot some hoops... but some stupid guys were taking up the 1/2 court... so that made it difficult. so instead, we played on the playground a lil... & soon went home. ran in the shower really quickly & then went to UBand. got out of UBand a lil late, & then had to LITERALLY run to pep band (the game started at 7, but our director said we could go after UBand, seeing as we NEED the credit. he thought we'd make it for the 2nd half... boy was HE wrong!!) we made it for the last 10 mins of the game! emily called someone in her section who went & talked to the directory, & she said that in order for us to get credit for the game, we HAD to go down there! so we ran allllllllll the way around carver & down the 10,000,000,000,000 flights of stairs, got our instruments & then yea... 10 mins left in the game. pretty pointless we thought! but then! i suckered emily & kat into going to this 1 bar w/me for this date auction thingy. the benefits went to the Children's Miracle Network. well, 1 of my guy friends participated in it (may i mind you that i REALLY like him & he's really really really REALLY cute) so i went to bid on him a lil. yea, well, a lil turned into $50!! idk if i should be depressed that i had to fucking PAY for a date or really happy that i actually won!! haha so tomorrow, we're gonna go to HuHot for dinner! i'm so excited!! :-D i can't wait! *jumps up & down* oh, also, i was really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY nervous about it (my hands were TOTALLY shaking as i was writing out the check) i just NEEDED something to drink! so kat first bought me a beer when i got there... then brad bought me another one for buying him haha & then i had 2 more... so needless to say, lauren w/4 beers in her running on less than 4 hrs of sleep = lauren getting a liiiiiiiiil drunk hehe 0:-) ok so yea, that's my week so far! i have 2 classes tomorrow (which i'm PROLLY gonna sleep through... or just not go) & then i can take a nap & then get ready for my DATE! :-D & then go out to eat & then prolly to a bar (b/c he kinda wants to get drunk) & then friday, i'm leaving for indianapolis at 4:30 in the FUCKING MORNING!! so yea, i'm excited! & now, i must FINALLY go to bed (seeing as i've been home for 2+ hrs already & everyone else is in bed cept me! haha) so night all, hope you enjoyed this! i'll talk at ya'll later! :-* *MUAH*

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
1:49 pm
EVERYONE'S a hypocrite!!!
if you don't want someone to find out about something, then don't tell other people!!! yea, good advice, don't ya think?!? ugh! everyone's a fucking hypocrite!!

got a test tonight that i am absoLUTELY 100% comPLETELY not ready for! :-\ i haven't really studied for it... idk WHY, but i just could NOT bring myself to study!! *shrugs shoulders* i've just been unUSUALLY lazy lately... & i'm procrastinating more & more & MORE... in fact, i'm doing it now! i have to take a test in less than 3 hrs & i still know absoLUTELY nothing... so i'm gonna go do that so i have at least a fighting chance on this test! HA! yeah right! ;-) later ppl!

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
11:26 pm
I wish it would just skip to wednesday...
Here's a little poem I stole from a friend... it's pretty awesome! this is how i feel about this coming v~day, everyone before it, & prolly many more to come... this is for all of you who are like me & HATE this stupid hallmark... holiday, i GUESS is what you can call it. i mean, it's not even a holiday! during holidays, your whole family gets together & eats a HUGE meal together... you get time offa school for a holiday... somethin big happened tens of thousands of THOUSANDS of years ago (CHRISTmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, etc) does valentine's day fall under ANY of those catagories??? oh what's that?!? no you say?! yea, it's NOT a frickin holiday!! baaaahhhhhh!!! sry, i'm goin before i go on w/this rant... so w/o further adeiu... the Valentine's Day poem:

Ode to Valentine's Day
Hearts and roses and kisses galore...
What the hell is that schtuff for
People get mushy and start acting queer
It's definitely the most annoying day of the year.

This day needs to get the hell over with and pass.
Before I shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass.
I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak
And wear all black for the rest of the week.

Guys act all sweet but soon it will fade.
For all they are doing is trying to get laid.
The arrow cupid shot at me must not have hit,
Because I think love is a bunch of $#!+.

So there's my story... what can I say.
Love bites ass... SCREW VALENTINE'S DAY

Current Mood: tired
Friday, February 10th, 2006
12:17 am
what a crappy ending to a decent day...
what happened?!? MY CAR DIED!! that's what happened!! i was less than a minute away from being home & almost off the busy road. but before i had a chance to turn, it frickin died. well, luckily i was right by the street that's in front of our house (not the one i wanted to turn on) so i BARELY got off the road. i couldn't really turn the wheel... i almost drove onto the sidewalk. but! i got it pulled over. then emily came w/her car we tried to jump it. but that didn't work b/c nothing's wrong w/the battery. so we pushed it off into an alley that's behind our house. we got it half way down the alley & stopped b/c there's this slight hill that we couldn't get the car over (not even w/emily in her car pushing mine). why didn't THAT work?! b/c, as luck... no, MY luck had it, it SNOWED today. so the ground was slick w/no traction. this one person even came over & looked at our car. he knows more about cars that we do lol. he took the spark plug out & tested that & said we still have sparks, so it's not the batter, or SOMEthing... idk?! but we tried to start it. & he said the car is doing everything it should (like w/the gas & starter & whatever else) & he couldn't smell any gasoline, so that meant it wasn't leaking. we couldn't figure out WHAT was wrong w/it?! so we just had it towed to a garage down the street. & that's the end of my crappy night!! ok, this is taking WAY too long to write! haha it is now 1:19 & i started this at 12:17... so i'm off to bed now!

ps: my whole me not being boy crazy lasted only like a week! :-P i can't help it! 0:-)

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
12:47 am
yes, that is right! yours truly now officially has a job!! & a GREAT paying one at that! i officially started driving people around today! & i must say, i did PRETTY darn well! :-D i get TOO many people b/c i drove pretty much the easiest routes, but i still had more than 2 ppl w/me on the bus. it was pretty cool & yet a lil scary. but i like it! i can't wait till tomorrow to drive again!

on an even brighter note... things are FINALLY looking up. well, aside from classes, i'm not really unhappy anymore! justin's FINALLY talking to me (after 3 weeks) & we're actually joking around... it's real nice! & i'm gonna try my best not to fuck everything up again! ... like i ALWAYS do :-\ aaaaanywho... so yes... oh & i'm (well, for right now) not really boy obsessed! haha & that's a BIG step for me! ;-) :-P so yea, this may be my shortest update EVER! haha & that's pretty much all i got! so i'm off to bed!

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
11:45 pm
apparently i have "Floor Mat" stamped on my forehead...
so i didn't really notice this until i went home. my mom was talking about how she doesn't like justin's ex-girlfriend b/c she broke up w/him... apparently she didn't treat him right (reguardless of the fact that they've gone out for almost a year & that she really did NOT treat him bad at ALL... but JUST b/c she broke up w/him.) & then she kept on saying how she doesn't like people who treat their kids bad. one example being my ex-best friend... we all know who that is *rolls eyes* and all of a sudden she became a "bad kid" just b/c she lied occasionally & was a little sneaky. no, she did NOT drink or do drugs. but anywho... she said that my ex-friend used to walk all over me... but i just didn't realize it. & then i started talking about some of the things that annoy me about some people... one being the fact that 1/2 the time when i try to talk or say something, i always get interrupted. some people are nice enough to be like "oh i'm sorry, please, continue" but others completely change the subject on me before i'm done talking & don't go back to what i was saying. it annoyed me before, but now i realize, that people ARE walking all over me. i was out with a friend over the weekend, & i tried to say something (a few times, actually), but that person just talked over me & didn't even ask what i was about to say or anything. and then when i came back here, i realized that it happens to me more than i thought. it's really starting to get me down b/c i know i'm a good person... yea, i can be bitchy sometimes, but all in all, i'll do almost ANYthing for my friends... but i just don't really see that in return. i'm not a very confrontational person (as most, if not all, know). so when someone asks me to do something, i will more than likely say yes. even if i don't really want to do it, i'm too scared to say no b/c i'm afraid that person will get really mad & then stop talking to me just b/c i didn't do that 1 thing. & i think, that deep down (whether they admit it or not) these people KNOW they will get away with pretty much anything w/me. & it's REALLY starting to hurt! justin even admitted to me that last year, he took advantage of me. i'm just real sick of it! & idk what to do?! if i don't change something, it's just gonna keep on happening. but i'm afraid that if i DO do something or say something, people will take it the wrong way... idk?! oh well, i'm out.

on a side note... worst fortune EVER!!!: "'matter' it is not what matters" someone PLEASE tell me what this means!!
2nd worst fortune EVER!!!: "This is really a lovely day. Congratulations!" HONESTLY!! WTF?!? hahaha

Current Mood: morose
Monday, January 16th, 2006
10:03 pm
i am just writing to say...
boys SUCK!!! they're SOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing!! i'm sick of it!! i might have ruined something w/someone i've liked for a LONG time b/c i'm kinda waiting for someone new... who i don't even know IF he likes me! BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! too much CONFUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSIIIIOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! don't... know... what...to... DOOOOOO!!!! ERROR!! ERROR!!! TOO... MUCH... TO... H..ANDLE!!

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
9:10 pm
What a FANTASTIC trip!
Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

so, went to tampa for the outback bowl. aside from the piece of shit game that the refs were being paid to screw us over... it was an AWESOME trip! thursday, we arrived in tampa around 8. went back to the hotel, got settled in... watched some tv, then went to sleep.
friday: woke up at 7ish, went to breakfast, went to rehearsal from bout 9:30-11:15. ran back to the hotel to change & then lunch on the beach followed by a beach bash (it was basically a pep rally. we were on the beach & we played our fight songs & our half time songs). then we had from about 2pm till midnight all to ourselves! it was so much fun! i ran up to my room, changed in to my bathing suit, & then me & a friend went walking down on the beach & on the pier. & then met up w/other people on the beach. then later that night we went to dinner & then did some shopping. went home & passed out at about 10:15 (even tho our curfew wasn't until 12... i was DEAD tired! goodness!)
Saturday: woke up at 7ish again. went to breakfast, then to rehearsal till bout 11:30. then lunch, & then after lunch (which was about 12:30) until about 4:30, we had free time. so what did i do you may ask? oh yea! i went PARASAILING!!! :-D oh that was FUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!! omg! i still had some free time after that, so i hung around the beach w/other people. ran & took a dip in the gulf of mexico :-P & then ran up to my room to change for a parade (oh did i mention that our hotel was on the beach as well?? yea, THAT was pretty frickin sweet! :-P) yes, we had a lil parade to march in. that was pretty cool. most of the people there (or at least it seemed) were hawk fans! :-D after that, took a shower, then went to our new years eve dinner, which was pretty fancy... & yummy! :-P hehe & then chilled out on the beach until 1 am! that was AWESOME! i wanna say about 1/2 of our band was out there partying saturday night. i had fun!
monday: woke up 7ish. ate breakfast, had rehearsal from 9:30 until about 10 & then we departed for busch gardens! ok, now it's not 6 flags, but it was still pretty good. first we another lil pep rally outside of busch gardens. then we changed & then went in. the roller coasters weren't nearly even HALF as awesome as at 6 flags, but they DID have 1 REALLY awesome roller coaster & 1 semi good roller coaster & 1 RIDICULOUSLY stupid coaster. that one... omg! we waited in line for like 15 mins just to go on... LITERALLY... a 30 second ride. it was S-T-U-P-I-D!! but the semi-decent coaster... dropped STRAIGHT down... a 90 degree angle... from about 200 feet up in the air... TWICE!! but that was about it. that was the most exciting part of that one. so we had 5 hours in busch gardens. it was pretty fun. we may not have gone on a lot of coasters, but i still had fun w/the people i was with. i got to know some people more (b/c i didn't really know them before if ya didn't get that! ;-) haha) it was good times. so... after busch gardens, we had yet aNOTHER pep rally. it's called "the hawkeye huddle" but it wasn't ANY different than the other pep rallys. we played the same songs & then left. pretty pointless if you ask me. & then went home, took a shower & then went to bed at 10:30/11ish.
tuesday: woke up at 5ish! yea, that was DEF no fun! checked out of the rooms by 6:30 & then on the bus & over to the stadium in which we had to wait like an hr & 1/2 before we started getting ready. then... the game... ok i'm most DEF not going into detail w/that! & then changed, turned in our uniforms & then drove over to the airport. got on & then came home! yaaaay *sense the SARCASM* so, all in all... it was a fanTASTIC first bowl trip! i just hope that we don't suck MORE next year & that we go somewhere warm again *crosses fingers & knocks on wood* ok, so this is long enough & i'm going. hope you all had a wonderful new years!!

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
10:08 pm
happy thanksgiving all! just wanted to say that! today was... alright. our dinner was for JUST our family today (my mom, dad, bro, & me) b/c of my dad's situation... we don't have enough room to put more people. so it was nice, but i kinda do wish our relatives were here. but anywho, my dad gave "thanks" after our lil prayer, & i almost cried! he said that he normally doesn't say anything, but this year he had to b/c he truely IS thankful to be alive after his accident. one little slip of not wearing a helmet & all woulda been different :-( so for that i am thankful this year! & now, for my fav song:

All I Want For Christmas Is You-- Mariah Carey:

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas
Is you...

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you...
You baby

I won't ask for much this Christmas
I won't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won't even stay awake to
Hear those magic reindeer click
'Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air
And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won't you bring me the one I really need -
won't you please bring my baby to me...

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want him for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
10:26 pm
why am i always sad/depressed? why can't i be happy? it just seems that lately, i've ONLY been sad. tonight, i went to return movies, & then i drove around a bit b/c i was sad. all i wanted to do today was cry. i'm so pissed, so upset, so sad, & most of all, so CONFUSED!! i feel guilty so easily. i shouldn't. if something should happen w/someone i should be HAPPY about it & not feel guilty, right? well, i don't! i don't know what i want... no i do... i'm just afraid it's going to be the wrong decision. my life is based off of wrong decisions. i want something to happen w/someone, but i just KNOW it's not going to. but i also want something to happen with someone ELSE... although, i don't think i'm even going to get to MEET this guy. i haven't talked to him in like 2 weeks, & i sent him a message the other day telling him to call me. he has yet to respond... & i KNOW he got the message. i want to call him, but then again i don't. i'm getting the feeling he doesn't want anything to do with me... like every OTHER guy in the world. why does this ALWAYS fucking happen to me!?!? it's like, i'm SOOOOOO close... & then BAM! it's gone! i don't talk to the guy ever again... b/c he turns out to be a big ol' fucking DOUCHEBAG!! UGH! i guess i'm just destined to die alone... not just die... just BE alone PERIOD... never get married, never have kids, never have a family, never be happy... i know i know... "i just haven't found the right person yet" "there's someone out there for everyone" blah blah blah... ya know, going 19 years w/o being kissed, w/o being held in someone's arms, w/o being... loved... it kinda starts to get ya down after a while. and now to make matters worse, i'm fat. i used to be so skinny! why can't i look like i did 2 years ago? i know 1 of the reasons is b/c i drink. & i KNOW i'm not gonna stop drinking... or even limit myself. i just have to run/workout more often. my only problem is i don't have a place to go that's close or free... so that makes it THAT much harder to motivate myself. ugh! i'm tired of being a girl! i'm tired of letting guys get me down! for like 2 days, i was ACTUALLY happy about myself... for the VERY first time. what happened to that?!? oh i know, being rejected by SO many people... THAT'S what happened! UGH!! ok, i'm done ranting... i'm leaving b/c i don't feel like being here anymore. i feel like going upstairs & crying. goodnight.

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
3:23 am
ok, not gonna lie... can't see straight right now! :-P hehe it's 3 somethin in the morning & i have to get up by no later than 8:30! holy shit am i screwed! i might skip my lecture class, but it's all good! i just have to make threw lit class (which is prolly harder than imaginable)... aaanywho... if y'all don't know... i've been talking to/day dreamin bout this guy... one of my friend's friend... he's SOOOOOOO cute & seems SOOOOOOOO perfect... i can't WAIT to meet him (yea,he goes to UNI, not univ of iowa) & that's bout all i'm gonna say bout him... if ya wanna know more, just IM me & may just tell you AAAAAAALLLLLLLL about him! i'm a weeeeeee bit toooooo drunk to say anything right now... yea, yea, yea... i know.. it's a monday night, but it's halloween night! truth be told, i really did NOT mean to get like this... my problem was i REALLY wanted to play beer pong... & when my turn came, i had already had enough to drink... & then we lost, so i had MORE to drink...... aaaaaanywho... yes... brother kaduce is crashed on our couch right now (i suggested he come home w/us b/c it's closer than burge... which is true... & he did... so now... he's passed out on our couch... which is TOTALLY cool b/c i love brother kaduce!! right now... he's my fav! ;) i love him so much for introducing me to robert latch! which all is going well... so far!! *knocks on wood* just have to meet him! & hopefully all will STILL go well from there! *knocks on wood again*) but yea, i think i will go b/c i don't think many ppl enjoy this... so yea... i've been meaning to update... just didn't think anyone cared bout what i had to say... & still don't. so yea! i'll see some of you later! until then... HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!!!!!!! :-D

Current Mood: drunk... i'm sorry :-\
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
11:49 pm
i spose it's time to update...
alrighty folks! now here's a chance to see something that hardly EVER happens!! lauren's FINALLY updating!!! w/a REAL post i might add!! hahaha i'm sorry... i'm in a weird mood. idk why, but i've been in a weird mood most of the night last night & now all of a sudden right now. & it's NOT b/c of our lil fiasco today (& by we, i mean me, justin, & emily driving home after band today... yeeeaaaaa... funNY times!! i tell ya) aaaaaanywho... yea, can't explain it, i just am...

so, as most know, my dad got in a motorcycle accident last week. last sunday after (actually, WHILE) i was coming home (i went home 2 weekends ago). so he was in the hospital for pretty much the whole week, & was released friday to go home. *just a side thought* sometimes i wonder what's harder... seeing your kid in a horrendous car accident, or your parent(s)?? but anywho... so justin & i thought it would be nice to drive home after our game sat & surprise our dad. so we did. we got in about 9:30 sat night. ran upstairs & surprised my dad. it was nice. i almost started crying 1) when i saw how banged up & immoble he was & 2) when he kept saying it was nice of you to come all the way here after your game... i'm really glad you guys came home & that kinda stuff, & 3) when i first saw him walk from the bed to the bathroom (which is like 5 feet... MAYbe) it was just so sad :'( BUT! at least he learned his lesson! never ride a motorcycle AGAIN!! haha but yea, he tore BOTH his ACL's (& all you KNOW how much it sux to tear one... but BOTH?!?) he tore a bunch of ligaments OFF his bones in his legs. tore his... achilles tendon (i believe) in BOTH his feet. so he has what is commonly called a drop foot where he can extend his foot (like push it down to the ground) but he can't raise it back up. so he has these 2 things for his feet that keep them at a 90 degree angle so he can 1) walk w/o stumbling everywhere & 2) the tendons can heal correct. so he's got that, 2 HUGE leg braces that go from his ankle to mid (maybe higher) thigh to help him walk (b/c of what he did to his legs). he also broke his shoulder blade & did something else in his shoulder. so he's also in an arm sling. also, did something to his neck where he has to have a neck brace for 3 weeks. & on top of that, he landed in a patch of poison ivy! poor poor thing! :( so he went to the orthopedic doctor yesterday (the same doc i went to for MY knee) & he found out that he has to have surgery on his legs w/in the next 2 weeks. & then sometime after that he has to have surgery on his shoulder. so let this be a lesson to all of you!! DON'T RIDE MOTORCYCLES..... EEEEVVVEEEEEERRRR!!! (i'd put that in bigger text, but i'm too lazy at this point)

as for me... idk about me anymore. one minute i'm happy, the next i'm annoyed & the next i'm depressed. there's just TOOOOOO much drama going on for college! i mean, it's ridiculous!! but at this point, i'm still kinda thinking about my dad & still sad about everything. & just get more sad when i think about how he probably wouldn't be alive if he hadn't worn his helmet! ok, i need to go to bed now before i get worse.

on a happy note: i went running & did some ab work & even some lunges today! even tho i'm probably not gonna be able to walk well tomorrow, it still felt nice! & i plan on working out like that a LOT more! i just need to motivate myself more! haha also, i'm learning how to play trombone... it's a little difficult because i don't KNOW bass clef, but just today, i learned how to play when the saints come marching in! haha ok, bye bye

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
11:33 pm
this is great! instead of studying for my exam/quiz thingy, i'm doing this...
If you have seen 70 or more of the movies on this list, you are a movie whore.

1. ( ) Napoleon Dynamite
2. (x) Saw
3. (x) White Noise
4. ( ) White Oleander
5. (x) Anger Management
6. (x) 50 First Dates
7. ( ) Jason X
8. ( ) Scream
9. ( ) Scream 2
10. ( ) Scream 3
11. (x) Scary Movie
12. (x) Scary Movie 2
13. (x) Scary Movie 3
14. ( ) American Pie
15. (x) American Pie 2
16. (x) American Wedding
17. ( ) Harry Potter
18. ( ) Harry Potter 2
19. ( ) Harry Potter 3
20. ( ) Resident Evil I
21. ( ) Resident Evil 2
22. (x) The Wedding Singer
23. (x) Little Black Book
24. (x) The Village
25. ( ) Donnie Darko
26. (x) Lilo and Stitch
27. (x) Finding Nemo
28. (x) Finding Neverland
29. ( ) 13 Ghosts
30. (x) Signs
31. (x) The Grinch
32. (x) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
33. (x) White Chicks
34. (x) Butterfly Effect
35. (x) Thirteen Going On 30
36. ( ) I, Robot
37. (x) Dodgeball
38. ( ) Universal Soldier
39. (x) A Series Of Unfortunate Events
40. ( ) Along Came A Spider
41. (x) Deep Impact
42. ( ) KingPin
43. (x) Never Been Kissed
44. (x) Meet The Parents
45. (x) Meet The Fockers
46. (x) Eight Crazy Nights
47. (x) A Cinderella Story
48. (x) The Terminal
49. (x) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
50. ( ) Passport to Paris
51. (x) Dumb and Dumber
52. (x) Dumb and Dumberer
53. (x) Final Destination
54. (x) Final Destination 2
55. ( ) Halloween
56. (x) The Ring
57. (x) The Ring 2
58. (x) Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
59. ( ) Practical Magic
60. (x) Chicago
61. (x) Ghost Ship
62. ( ) From Hell
63. (x) Hellboy
64. (x) Secret Window
65. (x) I Am Sam
66. (x) The Whole Nine Yards
67. (x) The Whole Ten Yards
68. (x) The Day After Tomorrow
69. ( ) Child's Play
70. ( ) Bride of Chucky
71. (x) Ten Things I Hate About You
72. (x) Just Married
73. (x) Gothika
74. ( ) A Nightmare on Elm Street
75. ( ) Sixteen Candles
76. ( ) Bad Boys
77. ( ) Bad Boys 2
78. (x) Joy Ride
79. ( ) Seven
80. (x) Ocean's Eleven
81. (x) Ocean's Twelve
82. ( ) Identity
83. ( ) Lone Star state of mind
84. (x) Bedazzled
85. ( ) Predator I
86. ( ) Predator II
87. (x) Independence Day
88. ( ) Cujo
89. ( ) A Bronx Tale
90. ( ) Darkness Falls
91. ( ) Christine
92. ( ) SLC Punk
93. ( ) Children of the Corn
94. (x) My Boss' Daughter
95. (x) Maid in Manhattan
96. ( ) Frailty
97. ( ) Best Bet
98. (x) How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days
99. (x) She's All That
100. ( ) Calendar Girls
101. ( ) Sideways
102. (x) Mars Attacks
103. ( ) Event Horizon
104. ( ) Ever After
105. (x) Forrest Gump
106. ( ) Big Trouble in Little China
107. (x) X-men 1
108. (x) X-men 2
109. (x) Jeepers Creepers
110. (x) Jeepers Creepers 2
111. ( ) Catch Me If You Can
112. (x) The Others
113. (x) Freaky Friday
114. (x) Reign of Fire
115. (x) Cruel Intentions
116. ( ) PI
117. (x) Swimfan
118. (x) Miracle
119. (x) Old School
120. (x) Ray
121. (x) The Notebook
122. ( ) K-Pax
123. (x) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
124. (x) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
125. (x) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
126. (x) A Walk to Remember
127. (x) Boogeyman
128. (x) Hitch
129. ( ) Back Door Sluts 9
130. ( ) South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
131. (x) The Fifth Element
132. (x) Star Wars Episode I
133. (x) Star Wars Episode II
134. (x) Star Wars Episode III
135. (x) Star Wars Episode IV
136. (x) Star Wars Episode V
137. (x) Star Wars Episode VI
138. ( ) Troop Beverly Hills
139. ( ) Swimming with Sharks
140. ( ) Trainspotting
141. ( ) People Under the Stairs
142. ( ) Blue Velvet
143. ( ) Sound of Music
144. (x) Parent Trap
145. ( ) The Burbs
146. ( ) Meet Joe Black
147. ( ) Wild Girls
148. ( ) A Clockwork Orange
149. ( )The Order
150. (x) Spiderman
151. (x) Spiderman 2
152. ( ) Amelie
153. (x) Mean Girls
154. (x) Shrek
155. (x) Shrek 2
156. (x) The Incredibles
157. ( ) Collateral
158. (x) The Fast and The Furious
159. (x) 2 Fast 2 Furious
160. ( ) Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow
161. (x) Closer
162. (x) The Sixth Sense
163. ( ) Artificial intelligence
164. (x) Love Actually
165. ( ) Shutter
166. ( ) Ella Enchanted
167. (x) Princess Diaries
168. ( ) Princess Diaries 2
169. (x) Constantine
170. ( ) Million Dollar Baby
171. ( ) Life of David Gale
172. ( ) 25th Hour
173. ( ) Vanilla Sky
174. (x) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
175. ( ) Boogie Nights
176. ( ) Braveheart
177. ( ) The Anarchist Cook Book
178. ( ) My House In Umbria
179. (x ) Double Jeopardy
180. (x) Monsters, Inc
181. ( ) Kill Bill Vol. 1
182. ( ) Kill Bill Vol. 2
183. ( ) Eight Legged Freaks
184. ( ) The Exorcist I
185. ( ) The Exorcist II
186. ( ) The Exorcist III
187. (x) Titanic
188. ( ) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
189. (x ) Underworld
190. (x) Cast Away
192. (x ) Waterworld
193. (x) Wizard Of Oz
194. (x ) Super Troopers
195. (x) The Breakfast Club
196. (x) Robin Hood: Men in Tights
197. (x) Billy Madison
198. ( ) Philadelphia
199. (x) Pirates of the Carribbean
200. (x) Edward Scissorhands

hehehe i'm a movie whore!! outta 200 movies, i've seen 117!! :-P give it a try! it's fun!

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